Jade plants 💲 Rahapuu 🤑

Last posting was quite technology oriented, so this time I’m writing something that is not technical but extremely difficult though – so I’m talking about plant care!

Both plants which I have under automated irrigation are very thirsty ones. They like to get irrigated at least twice a week and sometimes even three times. One might say that they are drunks among the plants. But that’s very good since those kind of plants are perfect for my irrigation experiments. They don’t care so much if my program contains a mistake (never happened so far ;)) and I accidentally pump 5 dl instead of 1…

But there are also other kind of plants. They’d rather stay far away from water and drink only when it’s absolutely necessary. We bought couple of this kind of plants some months ago and they’re called as Jade plants. We didn’t read the instructions of irrigation and watered the plants quite normally – once a week like our other plants. But that seems to be a fatal mistake! The other Jade plant died some weeks ago and the other is alive, but suffering. But we won’t give up! We bought new ones and we’ll try to be more careful from now on. We read from the internet that Jade plants should be irrigated only once per three weeks. Who in earth – can remember which plants needs irrigation three times a week and which only once per three weeks?

So the conclusion is: Plant care is far more difficult than technology stuff!