From photosynthesis to food

Greetings to all non-Finnish speaking followers. I haven’t forgot you! According to statistics 90% of my visitors come from Finland, which of course doesn’t mean that everybody would understand Finnish, so I’ve been updating some random posts also in English. I’m equally bad in both languages, but hopefully most of the followers have already used to my typos and grammar errors. 😀

I just can’t stop admiring all the miracles happening at our balcony. In the winter and spring we planted tiny seeds and see what has happened after that! There is a jungle out there! Take a look to the photos below. If you can’t trust your eyes and need scientific proof of what you see, keep reading…


Most of us have heard a word ”synthesis” sometimes in their life. The accurate meaning is defined for example here:, but to simplify we can understand that it is a transformation from something to something else. At work I handle every day synthesis related tasks, but they are related to technology abstraction level transformation. This means that something is described at higher abstraction level, but then synthesized=transferred to more detailed level by adding some ingredients.

With plants it’s pretty much the same procedure, but the ingredients are of course different. In photosynthesis plants mix sunlight, water and carbon oxide to produce glucose, which is the ”food” for the plants itself. It’s nice to refresh memory sometimes also about these topics so take a look to this article:

Automated irrigation

If you happened to read my blog for the first time, I briefly tell what’s going on. I’ve constructed a prototype of automated irrigation system to my balcony. I started the project last winter by defining the features and testing components and software indoors. Now I’m at at the phase where all the main components are installed to the balcony and the system is up and running. In theory I could take a two weeks trip to…

Tahiti: 🙂

…and the irrigation system would take care of our plants during the trip.

But that’s only in theory… corona changed everyone’s life and now I can ”dream” only something like this…

Which is of course nice too, but… BTW, notice a kayak in both photos. That’s intentionally there since I really like paddling 🙂

If you want to know more about the development story, please a have look to previous articles:

Development is continuous and and next I’m gonna work with software improvements. I’ve improved the statistics viewer and my aim is to start importing daily moisture and irrigation statistics to web. More about these in coming posts..

Recent photos

Cucumber on the left. Peas on the right.
Some chili’s and sweet peppers have huge leaves
Parsley, basil, dill, mint, lettuce, thyme and chives

Hyvää pääsiäistä! Happy Easter to everyone!

Lupaa mukavaa säätä viikonlopulle. Nyt kannattaa käydä ulkoilemassa ja mennä vaikka katsomaan lintujen kevätmuuttoa, kuten meillä on suunnitteilla.

Projekti myös etenee pikkuhiljaa. Oon rakentanut telinettä laitteille ja pumppujakin vähän testailin. Seuraavaksi olisi johtojen kytkentää ja komponenttien asennuksia. Sitten olisi taas ohjelmointia ja testailua. On tämä kyllä mukavaa näpertelyä ja aika menee kuin siivillä. 🙂

Happy Easter!
I’m moving components from the test box to the final rack, which will placed to the balcony. Then I need update the programs for the new components and do some trial irrigations. I’m really excited of this phase of the project since now there are all the components in. Can I get everything working as planned? Let’s see! 🙂