Statistics / Päivä- ja viikkotilastot

This page offers a link to temperature, humidity, moisture, illuminance and irrigation statistics of our balcony garden. Translation in graphs:

  • Lämpötila = Temperature
  • Kasvihuone = Green house
  • Parveke = Balcony
  • Ilman suhteellinen kosteus = Humidity
  • Mullan suhteellinen kuivuus = Opposite of humidity (dryness of the soil)
  • Paprika = Sweet pepper & chili’s
  • Kurkut = Cucumbers & peas
  • Yrtit = Herbs
  • Kastelut = Irrigation time (all the plants are irrigated at once, amount is for chili’s)
  • Valoisuus = Illuminance

Tällä sivulla on linkki parvekkeemme tilastoihin seuraavien parametrien osalta: lämpötila, ilmankosteus, mullankuivuus, valaistusvoimakkuus ja kastelupäivät.

Link / Linkki:

Accuracy and correctness of the statistics

In principle temperature and humidity statistics are reliable, but the accuracy of the sensors must be taken in account. See the table below.

Accuracy of temperature and humidity:

All the other statistics may have minor or major errors and even false results. Viewer should rather imagine a trend of the parameters than focusing on a specific value in the graphs. Viewer should ignore possible spikes or other non-sense in the graphs.


Possible spikes can be sourced from the temporary reading error in the sensors.

Sudden & unexpected changes:

These might be explained by the manual irrigations, which are not visible in the graphs.

Exactly the same results continuing for many hours:

Saturation of the illuminance (happens every sunny day), temporary uploading error (skipped hours)

Source data sharing

In case you’re interested in csv source data, sen me an email and I’ll give you a link to source folder. Source data csv files looks like this: