Graafinen Käyttöliittymä (GK) – Graphical User Interface (GUI)

I’m gonna implement a GUI for controlling and observing the plantation. Everything starts with a plan, so I drafted a first version already in Christmas break. I believe the end product will look a bit different but I feel no shame of sharing this masterpiece of pencil art. 🙂 It’s in Finnish so it might look a bit cryptic for English speakers.

If you’re not yet convinced about my superb drawing skills, then take a look to next draft.. 🙈😁 It’s about constructing pumps into a bowl. Also water and fertilizer containers are drawn.

Today at work I discussed about the project with my colleagues. I was very glad to hear that I might get help with the device housing design and I’ve also got tips about the wireless moisture sensoring. My colleague has been playing with 3D printing and this allows many interesting casing possibilities. I believe nice case will bring professional look and also makes easier to attach pumps, relays etc. We will have interesting spring ahead!


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